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User Info: guardian_owl

4 years ago#11

There is always the choice whether or not to use a certain tactic, but there is not always an alternative if you wish the mission to continue. In the case of the White Phosphorous incident you are facing 70-80 soldiers and nearly a dozen armored vehicles with machine guns. I had a hell of a time taking out just one Humvee in the parking garage with ample cover let alone a dozen out in the open.

Walker had the option to pull the plug on his mission, follow his original orders, and call in for evac at that point; but if he wanted to continue on his personal mission of becoming a "hero" then he had no choice but to bomb those troops. If you attempted the fight conventionally (you actually can try to do this in the game), you would run out of ammo before you could come close to putting a dent in the enemy forces.

I think if would of been interesting if at the end of every chapter or two, they gave you the opportunity to radio in (following your original orders) and end the game early, a "legitimate" form of ending the game by shutting off the power button, each resulting in a different ending.
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4 years ago#12
BruteFM posted...
I hope not.

I have not finished this game. I will not finish this game. To get to the end requires you to do some seriously reprehensible stuff, which the writers fully acknowledge and taunt you with. They want you to quit playing and feel guilt.

To their credit, that happened, but if I'd paid full price at launch for this game, I'd be furious. I'm already wary of whatever they'll make next, and I definitely don't want other devs trying to take the same path.

It's a game dude, you aren't actually doing those things that walker and his crew's just make believe. Playing through this game doesn't make you a bad person in real life or anything.

I enjoyed the hell out of it. Nice for a change of pace in the shooter genre imo, too much of the same ol same ol over the past decade or so.
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User Info: ReDDevil2112

4 years ago#13
From: d1s | #010
I never looked at it as "the horrors that I was committing." Not exactly. i played through the game without spoilers about what was to come, and I did my best to pay attention to the details. I did my best to put myself in Walker's shoes and decide "what would I do were I in that situation."

As for the incident at the gate, I was detached thinking "I would not have used the white phosphorous." As Lugo was saying, there's always another way and we've seen what that stuff does. Do not used the phosphorous. So like Walker blaming Konrad for it, I blamed Walker. I said "this wasn't my fault. I didn't want to do it but I didn't have a choice."

This game has a terrific depth, but I never stop to think of it as "trying to send a message to me the player." I know that's a part of it, but I think of it more as reading a book. I don't think of the author as trying to prove anything to the person that reads that kind of book. I simply wanted to see Walker's journey, and what the consequences of his actions/in actions were.

I dont necessarily think it's about what you would do in the situation. That's probably a part of it, yes. But you played this game with a specific goal. You wanted to see it through. You wanted to experience the whole thing. And you had to do horrible things to get what you wanted, just as Walker did.

It doesnt quite fit into the whole "You're only here to live out a hero-fantasy" aspect that Walker fell victim to, but the result is the same. You did these things not because you wanted to, but because you had to. You might not have wanted to use the white phosphorous, and neither did Walker. But you did want to proceed, as he did, and using WP was the only way.

So I think it's less about whether you personally think using WP was how you would realistically act if you were actually in that situation and more about the fact that you used WP anyway, simply for your own entertainment (or more accurately, to continue the story for your own entertainment).
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  3. The discussions on this forum are proof of how powerful this game is.

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