How about this idea for a sequel?

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User Info: Spartan2447

4 years ago#1
How about for a sequel if it retains the message from a different point of view? How I see it the game would start in a small comfy room where a psychiatrist is talking to a patient and asks him, "Tell me about the war....tell me what happened" in which the main character throughout the course of the game would be telling him about the war he went through. This would be the course of the game set as it tells the story of a soldier who returned home and a war that left him severely mentally scarred as he tried to adjust back into society.

There are some wars to choose from which could either be Vietnam or Desert Storm as it follows the troop recalling the events mostly in graphic detail. Sometimes he would intentionally change the outcome of the story when the psychiatrist would correct him on the details changing it a little in gameplay. An example would be that maybe he would retell about a mission where he managed to kill 50 soldiers by himself before being captured when the psychiatrist corrects him on the absurd claim it then clicks in his head that he didn't kill 20 men before capture but instead it was him and his squad (who died around him) trying to hold a line managing only kill half the amount he said. These gameplay elements would shift the line from delusional to reality, in these delusional states our character would see himself as extremely powerful being able to take more damage than normally and his accuracy increases tenfold but they would only last a minute before he's corrected and it goes back to the real events which play him down.

Another thing to be the 'White Phosphorus scene" of the second game would be him talking about a mission in which he snuck into a base to recover some intel but was discovered forcing him to kill a large amount of enemies in the base before making it outside. During this time the enemies seem to be more cowardly than before by running for cover even more or even begging for their lives much more than before. The correction here would be in actuality the mission never happened, it was actually an event that landed him a psychiatrist for evaluation. The mission was a delusional state brought upon by PSTD in reality he actually snuck into a populated civilian area and opened fire after being discovered by a security guard. Taking down several innocent lives and some cops before being subdued and contained.

As the game goes on another running them would be him starting to get more broken down with each event recalled, he dives deeper and deeper into the events that traumatized him and telling them again would even bring him to tears after the mission is over.

It could probably be called "Spec Ops: Section 8" or "Spec Ops: Crossing Over"

Section 8 being a military term which means being discharged for mental problems. And Crossing Over could represent about the aspect of going over the 'edge' which is his mind.

How does this sound?

User Info: Creeping_Dark

4 years ago#2
I don't think this is the type of game that really needs a sequel. Part of what made this game work was that it was a surprise - it started off as straightforward as any military shooter and then it starts breaking the fourth wall, addressing the player and getting you to think about what you've been doing. It wouldn't really work if you knew exactly what you were getting into. I feel like there isn't much else to add either, without retreading the same ground. I'd like to see what Yager does next though, hopefully tackling some other issues in gaming.
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User Info: Gaebora_Kaepora

4 years ago#3
Pretty good, like to see those ideas back in a game.
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User Info: InfernalDragon5

4 years ago#4
Gotta agree with creeping dark. Hard to make a sequel for this game without reiterating the main points from this game.

User Info: The Silver Noble

The Silver Noble
4 years ago#5
Yeah, I've been thinking on if it would be possible to make a sequel, and I don't think you could. Not one that dealt with all the same themes, anyway. It may be possible to release another serious game that deconstructs some classic FPS tropes, but it would be a very different game.
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