Shoot the vents to release the sand?

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User Info: guardian_owl

4 years ago#1
Am I high or something, every time I move through Chapter 10 and that parking garage Adams tells me to shoot the vents to release the sand once you get fairly close to the .50 cal mounted machine gun, but no matter what overhead vent I shoot in the area it does jack squat. Is there some specific vent I am supposed to shoot to obscure the gunner's vision so I can more easily get closer or is it referencing something which isn't even in the game?
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User Info: MysticNessly

4 years ago#2
The vents do drop some dust, but I don't know what use it's for honestly.

I simply got propped behind a car on the left side and shot at the man behind the gunner when it was shooting at Adams/Lugo on the opposite side of the room.

After doing so, walk up behind it to start a skit and move to the next area.
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  3. Shoot the vents to release the sand?

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