Play this game when you're exhausted.

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User Info: badbadkitty

4 years ago#1
Just finished my first playthrough and was up until 2 a.m. going straight through it. *spoilers ahead**even though nobody is here spoilers are ahead*

When I got to the part with Lugo being hanged by the locals I was really tired and just wanted to finish the game but these darn locals were in my way! I honestly was so tired that I hated these people for getting in the way of my mission. I grimaced and took those civlians out and felt good about it. I think I felt as one with Walker at that point and from that point on I was a remorseless f****** killing machine.

I had to shoot myself at the end though. It was the only option for me to retain my exhausted sanity.

User Info: NotQuiteAFreak

4 years ago#2
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User Info: guardian_owl

4 years ago#3
Yep, I finished the game originally at 3AM, finished the last half in one sitting. It helps because you are in a similar state of mind to the character, who has also been up for at least 24 hours. I too gave into darker impulses and gunned down EVERY person in that market for killing Lugo.
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User Info: xninjagrrl

4 years ago#4
Weird similar thing happened to me. By the end, I didnt care about anything or anyone I just wanted it all to be over with already. But not really, because I loved the game and wanted to keep playing, but you know what I mean.
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User Info: the_reaper849

4 years ago#5
this game is fascinating

today i began where i left off yesterday (choice between civies and ghould)

and didnt stop till i finished the game.

there were points where i was knew i was just too tired to keep going at it but something kept pulling me in.

great game. hate that its scores were hindered due to multiplayer (an aspect that shouldnt have been included in this game IMO)

gonna do a collectable/cheevo run tomorrow and then start the FUBAR run too.
im a cook, and i play one in my RPG's.
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  3. Play this game when you're exhausted.

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