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User Info: nothingface44

6 years ago#1
Hey guys, I just did the first level without using my lightsaber and I did not get this achievement. However, I had to use it during the QTE's against the shielded droid. Does this count? If so, can you beat these droid types without doing the QTE? Thanks!

User Info: CocaColaCat

6 years ago#2
I've heard it doesn't count, but you can kill them with lightning (to be on the safe side). I've tried 5 times now for this achievement, and I'm just not getting it.
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User Info: Slngshot80

6 years ago#3

- Use X at all (obviously)
- No saber throw
- No QTE
- Don't dash then B (You can dash, just don't use B)

I'm not entirely sure of the last one, but when I stopped doing it, it unlocked. Select the first level on easy, and when it says to 'Press X' to attack, don't. Eventually that will go away.

User Info: MaverickHL

6 years ago#4
I have noticed that when I spam force repulse it also does not trigger for some odd reason. Also I am not sure if enabling force fury counts against it. I tried it with force fury to take out the large machines and it seems to be that way.

User Info: nothingface44

6 years ago#5
Thanks guys. I'll try again. When you say not to use B. Do you just mean not use it after dashing?

User Info: Slngshot80

6 years ago#6
at what maverick said, you can use force repulse and force fury as I distinctly remember using both of them on the first level.

And when I say not to dash then B, dash then B gives you an extra semi-dash to get you farther. Most people probably don't use it, but still doesn't hurt to mention.

User Info: mightyquinn

6 years ago#7
Instead of the QTE, take out the Droid with a fully charged repulse. I got the achievement on the second Salvation mission.

User Info: KnightfireC60

6 years ago#8
I just ran through the first level after reading this topic trying to get this achievement. I never pressed the X button, never entered a QTE event, and never used Fury. However when the ship starts blasting you and you have to dash down the hall I accidentally used the Dash + B move. I ended up not getting the achievement. So I can confirm that using the Dash + B move cancels this achievement for some reason.
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User Info: CommX

6 years ago#9
K guys I spent a few playthroughs on the first stage trying to get this one and I believe I have figured out the problem.

Blocking/Parrying seems to count.

That means that if you try to use Force Repulse and and accidentally get a block or parry in while holding the trigger button, you will negate this achievement.

I was using repulse a lot on my unsuccessful attempts and noticed that I would accidentally parry/reflect/block which "use the lightsaber" so i figured I'd try to do this minimizing my trigger pressing to when I needed to kill the cryodroids and for the mindtrick tutorial and I got it in one try.

Hope this helps.

User Info: taang87

6 years ago#10
select level: The Tarko-Se Arena, defeat the Gorog and the Stormtroopers using Force powers for the achievement :P
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