How to get health back?

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User Info: nomadski69

5 years ago#1
Came out of a fight in a bad way with 2 health bars left, how are u supposed to pick up more health?

User Info: Immortal_Azrael

5 years ago#2
It usually recovers after a fight.
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User Info: Arkham-City

5 years ago#3
Lurk the city till you find an isolated mook. Beat him, get the points which boost your health, and escape if more enemies start appearing. Repeat if necessary. | Smidge

User Info: alastor_91

5 years ago#4
You regain health by getting points. The more awesome you perform, by doing long combos, the more points you'll get.
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User Info: nomadski69

5 years ago#5
Awesome, found doing ballons (or anything else that earns XP) also does the same, cheers.
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  3. How to get health back?

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