how do u destroy titan containers...

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  3. how do u destroy titan containers...

User Info: BigSnappaX

5 years ago#1
cant seem to aim the explosive gel on the dang containers....
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User Info: josay25936

5 years ago#2
You walk up to them and spray the explosive gel on them...
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User Info: KoHfam

5 years ago#3
Explosive Gel is how. So just get right up next to it and do it.
Just my .02.
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User Info: pblimp360

5 years ago#4
...With Explosive Gel...
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User Info: Wire_Harp

5 years ago#5
Walk right up to them with explosive gel equipped then look at the middle of the container (green line), hold LT, and press RT.

User Info: w3b3d

5 years ago#6
You have to find a transmitter in the rooms with the tanks. Batman contacts Alfred and asks him to send the Batwing with then rocket launcher unloc----

No, just kidding. Explosive gel.
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  3. how do u destroy titan containers...

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