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User Info: rinzero

7 years ago#1
Personally I want exploding batarangs. I wouldn't mind if it was just an upgraded sonic batarang for combat and not just stealth takedowns.
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User Info: Dark_Flux

7 years ago#2
Smoke bombs or that sonic device he can use to summon a flock of bats
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User Info: JKPSP

7 years ago#3
A Grapnel gun that can attach to anything! I mean walls and the such, just wanted to fly up and get high and enjoy some gliding, but no!

User Info: specialkid8

7 years ago#4
Bat snacks

User Info: galacticobob

7 years ago#5
the explosive gel launcher from the dark knight

User Info: futurespielburg

7 years ago#6
A bat credit card, ala Batman & Robin
A giant robot like in The Dark Knight Returns (at least for the final boss, please)
The ability to communicate with Alfred or Lucius, please
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User Info: JKPSP

7 years ago#7
A batbat.
Wait what?

User Info: xsylentknyghtx

7 years ago#8

Smoke Grenades and Flash Bangs.... HELL YES!

The guy who said Bat Credit Card should be smacked across his face. Hard. He references a Schumacher attempt to discredit Batman and make him a flamboyant neon Batcaved weirdo.

The Batmobile would be cool to see but not to drive. In just about every game I've played that mixes action and driving, it never goes well.

Whoever said a grapnel gun and jump lines that can attach to anything, ABSOLUTELY!

I'd like to see something incorporated into Batman's utility belt that functions like Sam's OpSAT from Splinter Cell, where you can reference vital data and communicate with the Batcomputer.

User Info: rinzero

7 years ago#9
Batman has used explosive batarangs before, hell, he's even used grenades. They arn't strong enough to kill people though. I just want to be able to get the same effect as explosive gel in open combat.
It was on fire when I got here

User Info: xsylentknyghtx

7 years ago#10
Batman has used explosive gel and shaped charges as well as small non-lethal mines for detonating structures as well as Batarangs with minimal explosives to knock down a wall.. He has NEVER thrown an explosive device directly at a combatant because that could be lethal.

A Batarang that sends an incapacitating electric shock that can knock you out is a different story.

It should also be known to those of you that haven't played Splinter Cell, the OpSAT also includes software that allows for hacking of security cameras, electronic hacking of keypad locks and electronic locks.

Also a set of lock picks or maybe an electronic lock pick would be awesome.
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