What do you want to see in Arkham Asylum II?

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User Info: Funeral_Fan

7 years ago#1

Aside from being able to explore Gotham (to an extent atleast) I would like:

- More gadgets (I suggest smoke bombs, flash bombs, get rid of the sonic batterangs and introduce explosive batterangs).

- Expanded use of the grapple feature, give us the ability to swing (not like in spider-man) and allow the grapple to attach to more surfaces.

- A manual jump mechanic. I suggest keep the hold "A" to run and pressing "RT" while doing so will make batman jump, hold to glide.

- More variety in the takedowns. Like different stealth takedowns from different positions.

- If the batsuit damage returns, allow us to repair the suit. Perhaps link the damage to the suit to the health meter.

- Allow suit customisation. Instead of unlocking moves have all combat moves unlocked from the start. Keep the upgrabable health and gadgets but either give as a choice of different batsuits with coresponding strenths and weaknesses or lets us fine tune the suit to match oir play **** Fore exaple: if we want to play stealthy we have a suit that allows greter speed and agility or if we are a brwler a suit the is slower but durable.

- Unlockable costumes for the campaign.

User Info: Yi Long

Yi Long
7 years ago#2
First of all, I just want the quality of the game and story and voice-acting etc etc to at least match that of the brilliant original.

Other than that, I obviously like new and more villains and interesting boss-fights...

I would like some new main characters to play with, even if it's only in the challenge-mode (think young Robin (Tim Drake), Nightwing, Catwoman, Batgirl, etc etc). Tim and Nightwing can have (optional) weapons (staff and sticks), Catwoman can have her whip.

Also allow Batman to occasionally use weapons in the main game, so when he grabs a bar from a thug, he can keep on to it for a little while, which will allow for more new moves.

More costumes. And maybe a better modelled face for Batman himself. Allow an option for the eyes to just be 'white', as they are in the comics.

Maybe include a stealth-mission where you play as Bruce Wayne, thus can't be detected. Think of a crashed party where Bruce doesn't have his costume, yet still goes after the bad guys.

Maybe co-up!? If possible...

Ah well, so much stuff to wish for...

I'd also like some cameo's from other DC heroes, plus I'd love it if we would maybe get some cool avatar-awards and stuff like that.

User Info: B_st_rdZero

7 years ago#3
Why in the hell is nobody saying "Drive the batmobile"?

-Skyscrapers to climb/jump/glide off of
-Same writers and voice actors
-Choice of different classic batsuits, like the one from the comic, the TAS outfit, even an Adam West suit
-The real Batcave (probably a given)
-The ability to play as some of the villains. Like Clayface, you could mimic any NPC you meet for stealth gameplay, or one of the big guys like Bane or Croc so the game can play like a beatemup.

-I don't really like the level up system, it seems silly that Batman would leave all his gadgets in the batmobile/cave or forget to wear the three extra layers of armor for his suit that day (and then cut holes in it to match the damage he's taken). Just let me play with that stuff from the beginning. I know all games have unlockables and level ups these days, but Batman is already a badass, and it's just kind of stupid that he has to level up. It's not a big deal, but I'd prefer if it were removed/replaced with something that makes more sense.
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User Info: Yi Long

Yi Long
7 years ago#4
I do like the level-up system, simply because it throws something fresh your way when you've been playing a while. Also, this way, it taught you how to use something when & where, plus it made it impossible to open up new locations when you were at old locations.

So I thought that was implemented quite well, cause that way it wasn't so annoying when you revisited old spots.

Driving the Batmobile and fling the Batwing COULD be awesome, but only when they really get it absolutely right, which VERY rarely happens in these kinda games. If those sections aren't as good as the rest of the game, it just brings the quality of the game down. Also, it depends on the story if it's needed.

Maybe they could let you fly the Batwing via 'remote', to drop some bombs or something, or use is it hovering above you, maybe providing you with light or taking overhead pictures of the surroundings, or something.

So yeah, vehicles could be cool, but usually in games like these, it doesn't really fit in with the rest of game and the gameplay.

User Info: rinzero

7 years ago#5
I want new game + or at least something that carries over when you complete the game for the first time. I know there would be some gadgets that you would only get at a later stage of the game to prevent from bypassing the plot.

Also you should be able to customize your batman, even if it is only choosing between the orginal and armored batsuit.
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User Info: _50_

7 years ago#6
I want more combat moves and to be able to fight in the Batman Returns costume from the beginning, not by beating the game first.
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User Info: ShakaV

7 years ago#7
-Environment interaction (be able to take out the lights and use objects to incapacitate enemies)
-Improved boss fights
-No repetitive titan encounters
-Longer story mode
-More costumes & gadgets

User Info: Funeral_Fan

7 years ago#8
Yer Batman is always prepared so it was silly that he didn't have much of his equipment on him.
I don't think scale wise that the whole of gotham city could be created but like in the batman cartoon have a tunnel system that goes back to the batcave. Perhaps there batman can customise and repare his suit.

User Info: cpm72586

7 years ago#9
I'd like to see some more variety in the combat system with more takedowns. Deffinitely want to see the real Batcave. It would be cool to be able to go back and forth to it whenever you want. Maybe there could be several different Batsuits in the cave that you could choose from. Even if you can't wear them in the game it would be cool if there were just different Batsuits from throughout Batman's history there in the cave along with other little easter eggs from the comics or the movies. Wayne manner would be cool to explore too and it would be nice to be able to have some interaction with Alfred. I'd like the Riddler to return, maybe in a bit of a bigger role where you have to figure out clues throughout the city in order to find someone and rescue them. That's if Gotham is where the game takes place of course. More gadgets and more variety in which to use them. Not sure if being able to drive the Batmobile or any other vehicle would work. It seems like a tricky thing to get right and if they get it wrong it could really take away from the rest of the game. Overall, I think in general the first game did such a great job of making you feel like you were Batman and you were a part of his world that I'm hoping they just expand upon that and continue it.

User Info: AM032576

7 years ago#10
The first game was great I would like them in add different character skins for example instead of just adding only armored batman again I would like to see the ability to unlock the following below so this way you can play has different characters in the game taking down Joker.

Also making the game enjoyable for both opposite sex.

Character Skins

Male Characters:

Female Characters:
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