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User Info: akatsukiXIII

7 years ago#1

I was thinking about villains I'd like to see in Arkham City, when I realized the possibility that Hush will show up at some point.

Hush has been used much more frequently within the past year or two. First there was Paul Dini's "Heart of Hush" storyline around R.I.P. Then more recently, he appeared again in the Streets of Gotham arc "Hush Money", again written by Paul Dini. A new story has recently started in Streets of Gotham called "House of Hush", once more written by Paul Dini.

Hush was also mentioned by the Joker in Arkham Asylum and his real name can be seen in the medical wing. It's been said that there are several hints for Arkham City dropped in Arkham Asylum, which if you recall, was written by... Paul Dini.

Maybe I'm looking into things too much, but given Dini's fondness for writing Hush, it seems possible that we may see him in Arkham City. What are your thoughts?

User Info: WingZero0782

7 years ago#2
I say why not, Hush sounds like a decent villain and actually knows who Batman is, he could jeopardise Batman's secret identity.
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User Info: _Mad_Hatter_

7 years ago#3
Hush would be nice, I want to seem him Batman media, other then Comics. (Lego Batman doesn't count)

Plus Hush is a rapidly growing favorite amongst batman fans. So he would be welcomed and it's a good way to push him on the batman fans who don't read comics.
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User Info: bulljive

7 years ago#4
if you look at Hush's lore, he would actually fit in surprisingly well.
Maybe not as a direct villain, but I remember reading that there are side stories inside Arkham City, and I think that he would fit perfectly for that.
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User Info: jayrich20

7 years ago#5
Wait, when did Joker mention anything about Hush in 'Arkham Asylum'?
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User Info: akatsukiXIII

7 years ago#6

jayrich20 posted...
Wait, when did Joker mention anything about Hush in 'Arkham Asylum'?
"You dare rise AGAINST me!? The Human Era is over, the Mutant Era has Come!" - Erik Magnus

Sorry, I got that scene confused a bit. When you're rescuing the doctor in the surgery room, he tells Batman that it's an ambush, and Batman says that it isn't for him, but the Joker decides to have the thugs attack Bats anyway.

The reference is pretty vague until you notice that the thugs were waiting next to a sign that mentions Tommy Elliot working a double-shift that day.

User Info: akuma634

7 years ago#7
There are plenty of reasons for Hush to show up in this game too. The very idea of Arkham City and having Batman caught up in all this chaos just sounds like a perfect excuse for Hush to also sneak into Arkham City and try to control the chaos in his own twisted plans.

User Info: yes_boss_man

7 years ago#8
I thought Batman meant the ambush was for the thugs?
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