Enigma Conundrum side quests (spoilers)

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User Info: MetalGearHalo

6 years ago#1
I have rescued 2 hostages so far, but I am not getting any more riddles to find the next hostage, do I have to find a certain number of secrets to get the next riddle?

So far i'm 126 out of 400.

How far have you all got? This is the only side quest I have left along with the AR missions.

User Info: gritzyiii

6 years ago#2
I don't know the exact number you're looking for but yes, after a good amount of riddles you'll unlock the third mission. I'm still trying to unlock the fourth myself, I'm really hoping I don't need all of the trophies.
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User Info: vallcorr

6 years ago#3
Yes when you get to a certain number solved you can use the conundrum to find the next hostage.
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User Info: Cmac4

6 years ago#4
Im at 240 and just did the fourth hostage...I figured the last would be at 400 but i dunno seems maybe more like 300.

User Info: MetalGearHalo

6 years ago#5
I'm at 149 still nothing, maybe 150 will do the trick.

User Info: inferna_hermit

6 years ago#6
i got 390 Riddler's Trophy & .... but where is the last hostage ? lol
and where is the last 10 riddler's objectives ? 75% of Enigma completed & 100% of the game and 76% overall and all the other side quests are closed & completed

User Info: MetalGearHalo

6 years ago#7
Finall got the 3rd one, its at 160 secrets found. I'm kind of stuck in the challenge as i am at the part with the Line Launcher but when I do the tight rope walk and try and glide past the spike wheel i keep dying, itheres gotta be another way.

User Info: MetalGearHalo

6 years ago#8
I did it. Now the hunt for 240 secrets.
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