Jason Todd/Red Hood Speculation (Spoilers!!)

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User Info: Techino10

5 years ago#1
So what if the next game incorporates Jason Todd and his incarnation as the Red Hood? Disappointed in the fact that the Clown Prince of Crime is gone, he then decides to revive the Joker solely to exact revenge on him and teach Bruce a lesson. Somewhat akin to the comics and animated movie. Just a small idea on how to bring back the Joker and incorporate other villains. I would also like to see more of Firefly, The Black Mask, Scarecrow, etc. In addition to gameplay involving, Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman, Batgirl, possibly JT himself? Just an idea to throw out there.
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User Info: Just_a_loser

5 years ago#2
I hope they don't bring the Joker back. You don't give a character a proper sendoff like they did in this game and then in the very next installment bring him back. It would simply make this game's ending less meaningful. People act like the Joker is Batman's only villain. He has a massive rogues gallery to choose from, many of which are worthy of being the big main villain.

If Red Hood is in, they don't need to turn the game into his origin story. They can cover it in bios and give him an actual role in the game that doesn't revolve around the Joker.
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User Info: ShowstopperHero

5 years ago#3
Jason doesn't want revenge against the Joker and to torture Bruce from what I know. Wasn't his deal just being upset at Bruce that he didn't kill Joker? If Jason is in the next one, I can see him instead showing up to congradulate Bruce on finally offing the Joker. Just for Bruce to correct him and tell him what really happened, and that he would have saved Joker, then a boss fight against Jason starts.

Other thing I can see is if they bring Joker abck, is Jason getting involved to try and make the clown stay dead, and 'show Batman how its done'.

User Info: pbayhi1

5 years ago#4
This game was Mark Hamill's publicly stated last Joker role. The voice is just getting too hard for him I guess. Regardless, they wouldn't recast it so no more Joker.

Jason Todd / Red Hood would be an awesome appearance in the next game though.

User Info: italics560

5 years ago#5
I would like the Red Hood to be a playable character
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User Info: greazy_viking

5 years ago#6
Yeah, I really enjoyed the dual narative-perspectives in this game. I'd like to see a longer story with 3 or 4 different playable characters.
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