advanced ar training drives me insane

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User Info: Glavewurm

5 years ago#11
Grapnel Boost can help you "cheat" on at least one of them. Not sure how many because I realized it on my last one. On the one where you are supposed to spin your dive bomb and pull up in a sorta reverse Immelmann, you can just grapnel boost on the surrounding buildings in a circle instead.

I've heard some people say the AR training helps with the glide-switch Riddler Trophies, but there isn't any other place in the game that expects you to spin your dive bomb, so you aren't really missing out on anything.

Also, the "let go of RT, don't pull up" is a really handy tip.

User Info: BlazeUrFace

5 years ago#12
Frofrodajimmyboy posted...

Wonderful piece of hyperbole. Whenever I'm in the mood for a good laugh, I just go to GameFAQs to see the bleeding hearts who are wrought with despair because someone wasn't helpful on the internet.

Its not just that someone wasn't helpful, it's that they go out of their way to insult people while bragging about how great they are. Thanks for proving my point about all the a$$heads on gamefaqs, and, by extension, the world.
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User Info: Mr_Gruntington

5 years ago#13

User Info: YeahYeahYouWere

5 years ago#14

I thought some of them were pretty tough too.  The "just let go of the RT" tip is really helpful, and one other piece of advice I will offer that may seem obvious but helped me get past the last couple is to pay close attention to what you're doing every time. The one where you roll while diving caused me grief, until I took a moment to consider what I did wrong each time and adjusted accordingly.

Again, totally obvious, but sometimes when you get frustrated you just keep hammering attempts at it and lose focus on analyzing what went wrong last time so you just make the same mistake over and over. Or at least I do :)

User Info: Barbarianr

5 years ago#15
Practice is definitely the best thing to do. I would also stop doing the AR before you rage. Go mess around with something else for a while and come back with a clear head.
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User Info: eulbedoc

5 years ago#16
I find what works well for me for anything that is difficult and requires only doing once is I'll make about 10 attempts, then go do something else if I can't get it. When I next come back this way, I'll do another 10 attempts. Leave, try again later, etc. and it'll get done eventually.

User Info: darkhisham

5 years ago#17
Umm AR training wasn't hard at all. However, if someone said Riddler's Revenge is hard I wouldn't object.
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User Info: Glavewurm

5 years ago#18
However, if someone said Riddler's Revenge is hard I wouldn't object.

The hardest part about those for me so far(still haven't started a few campaigns), is Protective Aura in Combat missions. Which I think only 1 campaign forces on you.

User Info: AzureAvenger

5 years ago#19
I'm with the OP: the advanced AR and any Riddler glide trophies are hard as heck to get. I've repeatedly tried to get the trophy behind the Gotham PD station to no avail. I can't get any of the advanced AR missions. I eventually just gave up out of frustration.

User Info: Glavewurm

5 years ago#20
One thing that took me awhile to figure out that helps with the Riddler gliding buttons, is that when you splat into a wall, if you double tap the glide button your camera will do a 180 spin. It makes it a lot easier to get a long distance Grapnel boost, so you are less likely to slam into something and more likely to actually have enough line to boost with.

Also, I can't think of any gliding Riddler pads near the GCPD, the closest one I can think of is a zipline one.
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