Harley Quinns DLC

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User Info: roo10158

4 years ago#11
I just don't like how the DLC doesn't mix with the story (as in, as soon as the final scene of the game after Catwoman kicks Two-Face's a$$ in the Museum, it doesn't go straight to the DLC). Instead you ONLY can play it through the main menu by choosing the pack. Which to me sucks because the Catwoman DLC pack lets you choose it on the main menu AND play it in the main game.

should go:

Main/Catwoman Story --> Harley Quinn's Revenge


Main/Catwoman Story --> main menu --> Harley Quinn's Revenge

Also, you canNOT just start the DLC pack over. You HAVE to finish it before you can start over. This may not seem like much, but if you played through some of it, got bored for whatever silly reason, and stopped partially through. Then decided to play Arkham City all the way through several months from now and get to it, you HAVE to pick it up from that point, not letting you start from the beginning.

(all my OCD is asking for is some consistency with the way these sort of packs operate, RockSteady, that's all. I'm not rioting over this, I just find it annoying)
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