What makes Riddler's informants show up?

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User Info: Cactrot

5 years ago#1
I'm playing AC for the first time. I've started the Riddler's sidequest and been beating hints out of his guys.

But it seems like not all of Riddler's informants are available initially. Periodically I find a new one in a place I'm pretty sure I've checked before. Is their appearance tied to story progression? Riddler's sidequest? Something else?

Bonus second question: are all of the Riddler trophies/riddles available from informants by the end of the game, or only some? Thanks.
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User Info: VegantoKeens

5 years ago#2
I believe pretty much any thug spawn can randomly be an informant. The hints they give are not bound to the area, as I have had guys way north in Park row tell me about The bowery and Industrial secrets. If you just fly across the map with your detective vision on, you will keep encountering them until all riddles are known on the map.

I've also accidentally killed informants in indoor locations and I still got outdoor informants giving hints for those areas.
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User Info: gurgledog

5 years ago#3
The informants just reveal the five nearest locations for trophies/riddles/breakables. If you've already gotten them or have them revealed on the map, they'll reveal whatever is closest that isn't on there yet (this includes interiors, as I've had thugs in the Bowery reveal Museum clues. If you can't seem to find any, try moving to a place that will load a new map, then leave (i.e. going inside the Museum or the Steel Mill, then come back outside). They will continue to stick around until all locations on your map are revealed. This applies to even after you've finished the main story.
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  3. What makes Riddler's informants show up?

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