The one question I have...

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User Info: LifeVirus1289

5 years ago#1 why they would wall off a portion of the city for the criminally ill? At first I thought it was that they escaped and part of the city was cordoned off for safety, but this seems more like they took a section of the city and gave it to criminals. They even built them a fancy-ass gate. I just don't get why this would happen. Still a fun game, don't get me wrong.
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User Info: reignfire85

5 years ago#2
Because comic books.
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User Info: thedarkknight1q

5 years ago#3
It was an illegal deal between Warden Sharp and dr. Strange. That's why Batman questions the warden in the game.

Dr. strange saw it as a way to catch Batman and do as Ras Al Guhl pleased, and the warden just did it for publicity and his campaign.
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User Info: thoul

5 years ago#4
Also, the first game established that the previous prison facilities were significantly damaged, to the point of no longer being usable or secure.
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User Info: ZechsPeacecraft

5 years ago#5
I think even characters in the game thought it was a bad idea. It is a bad idea, but they cleaned it up enough for me to not mind it at all
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