Arkham City Freezing on PS3 STILL?!?

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User Info: tgMan69

5 years ago#1
I'm wondering how many people are still having this issues, even after the latest patch. I've got the same old sob story - I have the original 60gb fat system, and the game freezes on me every single time I play it. No error messages, just freezing the system. I have to force it to shut down and restart. So far all my communication with tech support just gets me some version of this being a problem with *very few* people, and that they're working on solving the problem. It's getting old. I want to play this game! Anybody find a way to fix this? Anybody have any success convincing WB to exchange the PS3 copy for an XBOX 360? It's an option for me, thankfully, but no response yet to my request.

User Info: DrGrouch

5 years ago#2
It froze on me yesterday on one of the predator maps.
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User Info: scitch1

5 years ago#3
about time you upgrading from the old fat ps3 60gig systems lol i mean come on they are only gonna last so long like a computer

i have a slim new one and no problems at all , same goes for skyrim which i have played to death with no crashing ,

might be time for a system update
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User Info: A_Nonny_Moose

5 years ago#4
I've had freezing during the combat maps, but nowhere else.

User Info: G_gglypuff

5 years ago#5
I`ve had it freeze even before loading the game. But then I could still quit it and retry.

User Info: Honoo no Yamiryu

Honoo no Yamiryu
5 years ago#6
I have the old fat 80gb model and it only started to freeze AFTER the latest patch. Although it only seems to happen after playing in the challenge maps for 30 to 40 minutes
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User Info: GameBeaten

5 years ago#7
It hasn't frozen for me yet.
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User Info: eulbedoc

5 years ago#8
I think it may have frozen on me once when I was transitioning into a new area. At this point, I have completed the story and all side missions except for just one more AR training. I've also completed all combat challenges for Batman. So overall, freezing has not been a big issue.

In regards to one of the other posters, I also have a PS3 slim but had a ton of freezing and frame rate drops when I played Skyrim to the point where I returned it so getting the slim model is not the cure to everything.
SideburnStalker17 5 years ago#9
Yes, happened three times so far, only on Riddler challenge things. Complete free, old 80 GB model.

User Info: Rocky1003

5 years ago#10
Delete your game data and reinstall.
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