Arkham City has only 12 side missions and Episodic DLC for Catwoman

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User Info: Nectern

6 years ago#1

Not sure how I feel about this.

I don't see myself BUYING Catwoman DLC as I'm not too thrilled to play as her anyway and 12 seem's like a small number. Granted they may be long but think just how "fun" these missions can be if most of them consist of a Riddler Encounter. (Which I Hope)
So what now? Save 7 hostages and go up against The Riddler. A mission with Bane than Ivy than Croc and maybe Scarecrow.

Not too thrilled due to lack of information.

Still I'm hopeful.
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User Info: Lady_Rarity

6 years ago#2
I wasn't really expecting that much, but 12 seems like a fine number. 1 mission for each rouge, and we already know we have Riddler, Penguin, Zsasz, and possibly Bane missions, so sounds good.

And I like Catwoman, so I'd probably get the DLC.

User Info: Sr92

6 years ago#3
If the 12 sidemission is for Catwoman only then i guess i am still ok with it, the main point is playing as Batman.
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User Info: Boomon

6 years ago#4
.....I don't think AA had ANY side missions (apart from Riddler trophies, but that's a given here, too); I'm not complaining.

Besides, if all goes well, they make more, I buy them, I play them....

...I smile more!!!
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User Info: Catalyst_black

6 years ago#5
Yeah. I can't even begin to imagine what some of these side missions are. I know we've heard about Calender Man's and Bane's. Are Riddler's even being classified as these. Maybe the Riddler one's are a separate thing all unto their own.
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User Info: Boomon

6 years ago#6
Some of the guys are thinking that Catwoman's DLC Epidsodes would each be considered 1 or 4 of the 12 side missions....


Those are in not included in the normal side missions already in-game.

I'm putting my money on the following villains having side missions, along with my reasoning:

-Calendar Man
He's been revealed and an achievement looks to be centered around him.

Has already more or less been revealed to be in-game. I thought he was running a tournament or something somewhere, least that's what I heard....

-Black Mask
He's already been "seen" in one of the videos, and his hideout sign, so I'd bet money on this one....if I weren't buying CE game and guide for AC.

If you read the Arkham City #4 comic,it's obvious. She in the Central Gardens doing some.....gardening. She did tell Catwoman to "water her beloved plants"
or she'll "track you down" .....sound like side-mission time to me!!!

-Mad Hatter - Tweedle Dee/Dum
In Arkham Comic #5, who see Dee/Dum in Strange's monitors. I take this as a subtle hint. Dee/Dum, however, I don't think could stand as a major villian. Seeing as how Mad Hatter is, and we've slightly seen a sign for his hideout in a trailer, it's not too much of a stretch to see his presence in the city; they'd make for a rather..."controlled" team, I'd say.

-Ra's Al Ghul
Here's my reasoning behind this one. Since the VA for Tahlia has revealed, Ra's isn't to far of a stretch of the imagination. He may not have an in-game character model, but that doesn't mean that he won't have Tahlia doing the "dirty work" (as is sometimes his MO) while he's somewhere outside of the madness. It's happened before, ya know...

This one is a technical argument. I just think, based on popularity, and they already have character model made for this guy, so why not use it again?!? T'would be a waste...

Those are the one's I have stronger arguments for.

Granted there may be side-missions for already main characters (Two-Face, Penguin, Joker, Catwoman, etc.).....

And there may be side missions for characters that are a total surprise (Clayface, Scarface, Maxie Zeus)....

But there will be at least 3 DLC missions, anyway, right; the 3 "Pre-order exclusive" DLC's (except one of them may be for CE...I forget).

And then the 4 Catwoman Episodic Missions.

There's going to be PLENTY to do apart from the main story!!!!
If you make an ass out of yourself, there will always be someone to ride you.
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User Info: StreetFighter10

6 years ago#7
I don't see myself ever buying DLC for any game ever. I am ethically opposed to it in all but a few cases. But the idea of Catwoman DLC doesn't even sound tempting. Maybe they will be compelling, jewel thief type things or maybe even trying to escape Batman in a chase.

My thinking is: Get game on release, buy GOTY edition for cheap in 2 years' time. I can wait that long to play additional content and not feel like I'm being ripped off for doing so.
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User Info: aRealCoolGuy

6 years ago#8

The Catwoman missions aren't side missions in the first place.. Catwoman is part of the main storyline... she may have some side missions but playing as Catwoman is a part of the story.

User Info: modamockbel

6 years ago#9

12 is a fine number to me..and Catwoman DLC stuff...i will sure get it man i love this cat!!

User Info: wwinterj25

6 years ago#10
12 side missions is fine if they are long. If not that's kinda a small number. Episodic DLC for Catwoman is fine also. Not sure if I'll buy it but the more choice the better.
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