Man-Bat in Arkham CIty?

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User Info: Nectern

6 years ago#1

What do you think? As much as I want it to be Man-Bat, I think its a bird. A regular, generic, Bird.

Still, I REALLY Hope Im Wrong.
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User Info: tssc_218

6 years ago#2
Looks like a bird to me

User Info: Lioyd_the_hero

6 years ago#3
Looks like a bird or a regular bat, I have a feeling man-bat won't be in the game, if so it will be a cameo/bio like the villians who weren't in Batman: Arkham Asylum
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User Info: Catalyst_black

6 years ago#4
I've been hopin' its Man-Bat ever since I saw that pic.
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User Info: Herrix

6 years ago#5

User Info: modamockbel

6 years ago#6

I'm hoping for Man Bat but i find it a normal bird

User Info: hyper_trunkx

6 years ago#7
its obviously not man-bat.

User Info: ninjabay

6 years ago#8
everybody is hoping it is man-bat but i doubt it is
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User Info: Destroyer6789

6 years ago#9

I think it's just a normal bird.

User Info: KCJ5062

6 years ago#10
I still find it out that he didn't get a profile in AA, but characters like Humpty Dumpty did.
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