Is Bane stupid or smart?

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User Info: Bizzack

6 years ago#1
I'm not sure what they're aiming for this time around.
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User Info: AlucardZ909

6 years ago#2
I think he's just average when it comes to intellect.

User Info: Superheroics

6 years ago#3
He's supposed to be extremely intelligent, but a lot of writers tend to have him be a savage brute (like in the terrible Batman & Robin movie) due to not knowing what to do with him exactly after the whole Knightfall storyline.
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User Info: toadieman

6 years ago#4
"I fold you like paper!" doesn't really scream that he's the brightest bulb in the pack.
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User Info: TPerryoo7

6 years ago#5
Bane is a match as far as batmans intelligence and he is a master strategist. Nolan is focusing more on that aspect of the character, so expect that with TDKR next year.

No matter what he will kick batmans ass physically though haha.

User Info: Bizzack

6 years ago#6
It doesn't make sense how a guy can be as smart as Batman and physically defeat a guy who's mastered 150 different fighting styles.
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User Info: ss10vegito

6 years ago#7
no. he was a thug. venom wasnt his creation he was the test "dummy"
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User Info: MW2_Main_Menu

6 years ago#8
He definitely isn't stupid.
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User Info: squiggy9996999

6 years ago#9
depends on who writes him. he flips between criminal mastermind to stupid steroid monster depending on who is writing bane now.

User Info: akuma634

6 years ago#10
In the comics he was very smart from the start. He spent most of his life in prison (living the sentence his father died serving) so he learned a lot about patience and he read a lot from prison. He really taught himself to survive and be the best he can be. It was the venom drug that made him much stronger but also caused his downfall. His first story was finding out that Batman is Bruce Wayne and crippling him. It was always hard for writers to try and top that so a lot of the time he'd be hopped up on the venom drug as a raving lunatic. His best stuff was in the series Secret Six (which was canceled to make way for DC's new 52 relaunch.) In Secret Six he was more of a leader and the six were all villains or antiheroes so it was a very interesting team book. PSN - CustersRevenge
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