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User Info: pburgh36

6 years ago#11
Security being tighter than one guy's mom on prom night
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User Info: rfahey22

6 years ago#12
The thugs in the courthouse, if you go back later as Catwoman. One of them mentions that Two-Face disappeared, but that it "was all part of the plan." Another thug then asks him whether getting wiped around the floor by Batman was part of the plan, and he replies, "Yeah, I guess it was."

User Info: OmegaWeiss

6 years ago#13
"It's been a week since I updated my status. How are people gonna know what I-- Oh that's right- I've been locked up." Something like that.
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User Info: edaliah

6 years ago#14
pburgh36 posted...
Security being tighter than one guy's mom on prom night

That mom got drunk and killed her classmates, too.
"I'm not sure I feel comfortable being surrounded by so much ugly." ~ Catwoman

User Info: darkPSPfan

6 years ago#15

The funniest thing is without a doubt, when a thug says "I thought you were scary, Batman" to Catwoman o.O

User Info: Arkham-City

6 years ago#16
"Oh, Mr. J! Hurt me some more!"
"Okay my dear! You go and fight Batman, while I make a daring escape!"

And the rock-paper-scissors game. | Smidge

User Info: Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson
6 years ago#17
Hey! Are you Chicken Man or Batman?


the various complaints about Strange not having a heat source in Arkham City.
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User Info: SigmaSlash

6 years ago#18
"Why does it always get colder each year?"

"It's probably Mr. Freeze."

Not even prisoners believe in global warming.


6 years ago#19
I've platinumed the game and even still I've only heard this said once and I've looked everywhere for this one line because it really garnished a chuckle out of me.

One of the inmates says to the effect "they've got Arkham Asylum and an Arkham City now? what's going to be next, Arkham PLANET?"

I wish I could find it again and listen to the conversation. Most of the time I'd drown out the chatter, but sometimes they'd say something that I'd think about afterwards and go... wait, did he say what I think he said!? ^_^
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