How much customization is there?

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User Info: Bristow84

5 years ago#1
I've watched the Sleeping Dogs 101 video (great video) and it states that I can customize my character with different clothes. Can I customize his apartment or whatever his home is? cars, etc?
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User Info: Reel_Big_Mike

5 years ago#2
Yes, there are a ton of different clothing options. There not real brands, but they're "knockoff" counterfeit versions of popular brands to keep with the Hong Kong theme.

Yes, you can definitely customize your apartment, to what degree I don't know though (here's an apartment tour video:

Car customization is limited to paint color however.

User Info: zainzombie

5 years ago#3
Apart from clothes you can customize his apartments, there are 4 of them I guess. They havent confirmed anything yet, but it seems you cannot customize the cars and the sports cars will be available like other cars I guess. I am not sure about cars though but apartment customization is confirmed to be in.
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  3. How much customization is there?

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