Where can I buy weapons?

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User Info: BinoWhat

5 years ago#1
The only weapons I have gotten have been from defeated enemies & one gun out of a box, is there anywhere I can buy weapons? Also is there a way to holster my gun so i do not run around with it out the whole time?

User Info: Scroe

5 years ago#2
press down on the d-pad puts your gun away

User Info: BinoWhat

5 years ago#3
does that mean there is no where to purchase weapons?

User Info: Celiria_Rose

5 years ago#4
no this is a martial arts focused game, you will spend most of the time fighting hand to hand, when you need a gun you can easily get one by taking it from the enemies or it is given to you. If you have a pistol you can hold onto it until it runs out of ammo.

User Info: Some_Static

5 years ago#5
In a video, a developer said that guns are to be treated more like 'power-ups' in this game.
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User Info: BinoWhat

5 years ago#6
The reason I ask is because there is one bust with like 10 guys all with handguns & by the time I get close enough to disarm & get one I get killed.

User Info: Frolex

5 years ago#7
Those events usually have a gun nearby. If it's in the sewers it should be on the ground. If not, it should be found on one of the chest high crates.
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  3. Where can I buy weapons?

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