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User Info: MKWARRIOR2000

5 years ago#1
CAn someone post all the hacking codes I need to get through the game please?

User Info: Discage

5 years ago#2
I'm pretty sure they're random and plus hacking is ridiculously easy.
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User Info: nekoda79

5 years ago#3
MKWARRIOR2000 posted...
CAn someone post all the hacking codes I need to get through the game please?

I asked this same question a bit ago. I was suggested to make the first numbers start out as "0123", cause the codes will mostly start with 0 1 2 or 3. Then the game will try to guide you through it. Red numbers are incorrect, yellows numbers are numbers that are right but in the wrong order, green numbers are correct & in their right spot.


User Info: SDFan18

5 years ago#4
Start with 0123 and work your way up. Yellow are correct numbers in the wrong order, switch them around to find where they go and work your numbers up. No number is used twice, so it makes it pretty easy.
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User Info: Eedrah

5 years ago#5
I usually prefer to start with 9876 and work my way down, it usually takes 4-6 attempts to guess the correct code, and yes the codes are completely random....

User Info: LaKost117

5 years ago#6
Its funny to see how different we all do it. I do 9-0-8-1. Somehow that has worked for me the best.

User Info: bakasora

5 years ago#7
FFXIII is garbage.

User Info: NaclynE

5 years ago#8
The hacking codes are differant. It would be like 9152 for one or 2630 for another. to solve this input a number code by pure guess like 6352. if all four a red then 6,3,5,and 2 aren't the numbers needed to crack the code. If and let's say 2 is yellow then that means 2 is a correct number but would be put someplace else like 2*** or *2*** or **2*. If it's green then your one step or correct about the combination. I was confused how this works at first until I realized it's a process of elimination type thing.
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User Info: KratosWarrior

5 years ago#9
Hacking in this game sucks imo.
It's games like this and Deus Ex that makes me put the game down.
I find this kind of hacking a pain in the ass.
I've already cussed this game out plenty of times, it just keeps pissing me off.
Taking this back and using my trade for the Ratchet and Clank Collection I have on reserve.
Because of the stupid hacking among some other things, I give Sleeping Dogs a thumbs down.
Trading this sucker in tomorrow!
*When in doubt, check the FAQ.

User Info: The_Zaxster

5 years ago#10
Hacking takes logic. It's pretty easy. Rarely have I had to back out, then start again. If you get red numbers, never use them again. If you get yellow numbers, keep them, but constantly move them. Each time you will eliminate a space that that number can possibly go in. Eventually you will have a list of numbers that do not work and can pinpoint where out of place numbers are. Often it comes down to "Well these numbers are right, they can't go anywhere else so this has to be their place. I don't have the other numbers, but have enough of a list to where I know what they are by elimination." Simple.
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