I don't understand how lock picking works.

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  3. I don't understand how lock picking works.

User Info: Skyscraper101

5 years ago#1
I am holding W until it is green, and then I press the left mouse key. Am I doing something wrong here? I can't get a single one to work.

User Info: hustlin_pimpste

5 years ago#2
Hmm I use a controller and what I have to do is hold the bar in position using up/down on the left stick, then when it is solid green move the right analogue stick horizontally. Then repeat it on the other barrels.
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User Info: Slash_out

5 years ago#3
I am using the controller as well, the game is just too painful on keyboard (and I hate using a controler on pc).
To do the lockpicking, you just have to keep the pointer on the right number until the number turns green, then you have to turn the wheel thingy with the number the other way and find the fight number and wait on it until it turns green and so on.
I think it's counter clockwise first, then clockwise, and counter clockwise for the last number.

User Info: chimpe2121

5 years ago#4
Okay this took me awhile too. You don't use the mouse at all. Hold W until the bar you're on turns green then quickly hit A. It should go one bar to the left if you did it at the correct time and the first bar should be locked in place.
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  3. I don't understand how lock picking works.

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