THE PALACE unopenable door

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User Info: gameraz

7 years ago#1
i've came here to pursue some help on this problem i face, and i see many other ppl have many other troubles with doors...

I, luckily, had no problems with "famous troublesome" doors. anything worked fine... until....

in the place where 3 summoners appear in a cutscene and you are in a pit, i wallrun on the first switch, the 2nd, hop on the golden swing aaaaaannnddd.... nothing. The sound of a door opening is heard, yet nothing really opens....

i dont see any post about that door, so maybe some1 can help me?

User Info: ninaddsarang

7 years ago#2

m also stuck after defeating big giant..the door is situated above i pass the door opening mechanism (by swinging ) the door opened but now after restarting from checkpoint door is closed and prince is in gallery and he cant come down if do so prince get killed what do i do please help

User Info: Aanjan

7 years ago#3


you gotta swing from the lever, jump and use the charge attack on the summoner ..... i had used an xbox controller to play, so thats the 'B' button .....

User Info: Zamphere88

7 years ago#4
No he has the same bug I do... That lever you swing off opens the door but when you get up to it nothing happens... Door doesn't open when it should

User Info: karan_sharma

7 years ago#5

same problem here

cant just open door !.help

dont wanna start game from begning :(

User Info: ensomneac

7 years ago#6
Lower difficulty to easy.

But once that's done, you cannot raise it back.

User Info: ninaddsarang

7 years ago#7

hey gyes finally i got the solution
those who stuck behind the walls here is solution
situation:ahead door is locked and behind u r not able to go down tat is if u tried prince get killed
solution:download the trainer "Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands v1.0 +6 TRAINER" from
now in the game hang on the edge jump backward as soon as the prince reach half the way in air press NUM6(save position)
let prince die, now after prince get back its original gallery position press NUM7 (load position)now he is on ground when u can reopen the door by whole mechanism
email me if it works for u...

User Info: Khalilkhan

7 years ago#8
Great guide The Forgotten Sands v1.0 +6 TRAINER save position

User Info: crazyinfo

7 years ago#9
This is what happens when you pirate the game.

I got through no problems on normal because I did not pirate it.

User Info: ensomneac

7 years ago#10
You tried to though. :)

And it happens in both pirated and retail.

My reply from another thread:

It's because of Ubisoft's DRM and the way it works.

Everytime you pull/push a lever or button etc, it sends a request to the Ubisoft server, which has to send the correct reply back for the object to work.

If that reply isn't correct or doesn't arrive, then the object doesn't work.

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