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User Info: Bason44

7 years ago#1
Does anyone have any codes for Code Input on the game?
All I got is 99871 for Ramjet I think.
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User Info: Infernum_Audron

7 years ago#2
nice how did you find out about that code?

User Info: kaizer3000

7 years ago#3
i got that code from TFw05 website. its one of those TF fan sites...the code works in multiplayer only though..
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User Info: lucemon6667

7 years ago#4
that's not true. ramjet is a decepticon . I have the decepticons version and i can use him in the story

User Info: bobby_C2

7 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: bobby_C2

7 years ago#6
No, that's true, it's indeed the code to unlock Ramjet. The one you can use without a code is Dirge.

User Info: prometheus3141

7 years ago#7
I got one more:
Silverbolt - 10141
Ramjet - 99871

Silverbolt is an autobot and ramjet is a Decepticon.
Hope it Helps :)
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User Info: Exatron

7 years ago#8
No, that's true, it's indeed the code to unlock Ramjet. The one you can use without a code is Dirge.

What he was referring to as untrue was the statement that Ramjet is multiplayer only. Once he's unlocked by code input, he's available for use any time you can use any other Decepticon. I.e., in the Decepticon version, you can use him in story mode, as stated in the post.

User Info: stufa1978

7 years ago#9
Added them, thank you.
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User Info: cutterbotc

7 years ago#10
any other codes out there for this game?

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