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User Info: pinks0ckin

5 years ago#1
Activation process has been terminated.

The serial number was not found in the database. Most likely the serial number has been entered incorrectly.

But.. but how? I got the free code from buying a GTX 570. I just went to to have them resend me the code because I lost it (the steam code, I still have the code you use to unlock the steam code)

I copy and paste the code them send me... and I get activation failed.

is anyone else getting this? :/
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User Info: StreetFighter10

5 years ago#3
Complain to someone official. Just another example of Warner Botchers incredibly poor marketing department.
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User Info: LiQuiDsWorDs56

5 years ago#4
yea where is the serial number? im having the same issue
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User Info: MartianMan25

5 years ago#5
I'm having the same problem as well. I tried using the code I got from nVidia with and without the hyphens and nothing seems to work. I don't know what other serial code Steam is asking for.

User Info: OldDirtyCR

5 years ago#6
Try handtyping it.

User Info: toddx77

5 years ago#7

Did you try clicking on "cd Key" on the right side of steam for arkham city?  My first activation failed because i used th code provided at the bottom of the activation box which didnt work.  I used the code from clicking on cd key in steam and that worked.

User Info: MartianMan25

5 years ago#8
Thanks toddx77! That was the problem haha I feel so stupid. I don't usually buy games off of Steam, the only reason I got this was because I bought a new graphics card and it came with a code for this game. Thanks again

User Info: toddx77

5 years ago#9

Glad I was able to help.  Enjoy the game.

User Info: KGhaleon

5 years ago#10
um...there's no CD key button. I'm trying to activate and I can only exit or hit activate and it wants a serial key. :|

I'm running on steam so I shouldn't be asked this...
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