How to save progress

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User Info: Sobax

5 years ago#1

Bought this for PC....and have no idea how to load/save progress.....played like 1 hr ....then didnt found any save option... so i thought its automatic....then quit the game...came back after some time and must start from beggining.

where /how to save game?

User Info: dzimm

5 years ago#2
It saves automatically anytime you enter a new area or perform a significant action like triggering the next stage of a mission or discovering a secret. However, you need to be logged into Games for Windows Live or it won't save. Yeah, it sucks, but that's just how it is.

User Info: toromlo

5 years ago#3
Haha samething happen to me. I bypassed the windows live thing cause screw Live, but later realized my game didnt save.

Now I have a Live account. :(

User Info: Captain_HammerX

5 years ago#4
You game was autosaved. DRM keeps getting false positives and deleting people's saved games.
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  3. How to save progress

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