Concerning Deidara/Temari/Puppet Master "spam"..

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User Info: kitsune_sama

7 years ago#1
To make this easy on myself, I'm just going to copy and past what I've said in another thread ( regarding the matter.

While I've been a victim of Deidara "spam" as well, I'll have to agree with what someone said in another thread (a thread that was exactly the same as this one, by the way), which was something along the lines of "That's their playstyle, it's how they're SUPPOSED to be played". Yeah, spamming anything can get annoying, but not every character is built for melee. So by the logic of the original post, if you play Naruto against my Temari, and close in and start wailing on me with melee combos, you're doing the same thing you're getting mad at Deidara for: taking advantage of your strengths.

In other words, asking Deidara or Temari to stop using long-ranged tactics and keep the fight close is like asking Lee to stay back and fight a long-ranged battle. Not a good idea, is it? I understand the Deidara thing, and it's super frustrating (I do my best to vary my Temari tactics, but there's only so much you can do), you have to realize that it isn't cheap, it's just a tactic you have to learn to counter. I myself still have to work on getting around Deidara with short-range characters.

And someone responding to my post brought up some other points.

I believe Kitsune_Sama is quite correct. Deidara is a long range type, and if you actually take a look at his combo list like 4-5 attacks of his involve shuriken. I played Deidara online and I won like 3 matches because no one got close enough to actually hurt me, and then I played against a Sasuke player and he beat the crap out of me, he closed the distance between us by using his chakra dash then kept pummeling. He was able to do so because Deidara is weak against taijutsu users if they can get close.

But once again, Kitsune is right, asking Deidara to fight up close is like asking Kankuro or Sasori to fight you up close, it aint gonna happen. I think the reason people hate Deidara is he's a bit more "user friendly" than other characters and can win fights by spamming 1 combo and the fact that he can do it at long range.

All you need to do is close the gap, use an offensive support character with long range who could disrupt him, someone like Kankuro, Deidara, Kisame might also work for that role, and use a balance or guard type, someone like Hinata, or Neji to help keep you safe, or you could go full offensive.

If an enemy uses a strategy you shouldn't just sit there and complain about it, figure out how to beat it or you're gonna lose every time. Go to the Free Battle and fight with a super hard Deidara, maybe that'll help you out. Anyway, GL.

As far as I can see, the only overpowered characters are Sage Naruto and Itachi. Some, like the other Narutos, Sasukes, etc, are easier to use and maybe a bit overpowered, but the only absolutely unfair characters seem to be Sage and Itachi (mostly because of his awakening). Otherwise, everyone just has a different style, and can't all be played the same way. Granted, I haven't completely taken the game apart yet or explored every character, but I think it's clear what I mean.

That's how these characters are played, long-range. It isn't cheap, it's tactful. Try to understand that instead of blaming your losses on it.
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User Info: kitsune_sama

7 years ago#2
Bump, I really want people to read and consider this.
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User Info: NeoHayate

7 years ago#3
However, you can beat just about every average and slightly more average player, with one hand using deidara. Once you successfully landed ONE of you X attacks, closing the gap will be VERY; VERY HARD for your opponent.

And as I said, using one hand only. I didnt exagerate. You can hold the controller in your right and only tap X the whole game. No need to use the analog stick or anything else.

I got tired of dei spammers, so whenever someone pick him I do to and i only mash X. And usually I win. And this was against Aide to the Five Kage rank deidara players. -.-

There is the thing that makes him cheap. Of course I understand you wanting to keep your distance with him as with the other ranged chars, and im not asking them to mix up melee in their gameplay.

Deidara is a broken character, and that sucks for the people who plays him because they like him. Shino is a ranged char aswell, and he is HARD to use. You cannot keep mashing x with him, the same goes for tenten.
Cant say about temari since I havent used her much.

But yeah, you got your points and I agree, but Dei is totally broken and thats a fact.

User Info: Crisbie

7 years ago#4
Dei's projectiles are faster than Shino's and go further. But he's in no way broken...
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User Info: MrZetsubou

7 years ago#5

From: deityL1nk | Posted: 10/22/2010 10:18:30 PM | #004
Dei's projectiles are faster than Shino's and go further. But he's in no way broken...

It'd be nice if he didn't have the ability to chain a long air combo into his ground combo.
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User Info: NeoHayate

7 years ago#6
^ You use Deidara I suppose?

He is broken. He is the only char that can win a fight using only x and no other button or analog stick. Tell me something isnt wrong with that?

The only thing that sucks with him is his awakening, but just dont activate and youll keep owning.

User Info: gamegod13

7 years ago#7
Well, the people who just press X as deidara are spammers, complete noobs, but uh, last time I checked you can chakra dash through his projectiles.

Well, he is a character who is a long range type, him using his clay attacks at long range is pretty much the only way deidara fights, in the series he's been seen using taijutsu one time, ONE time. It's how he's played, deidara uses X combos and other players use B combos. If he just presses X, not using any analog sticks and wins against you, then you suck, horribly.

When fighting it's always important to remember to use your support characters, and when fighting long range types, use long range support characters.
Here are some suggested support characters to be used when fighting deidara: Tobi, Deidara, Itatchi, Sasuke ( Kirin ), Kankuro.

Use characters who are strong at taijutsu, Rock Lee if he can get close tears up deidara, long range jutsu usually overpower shuriken, so using Itachi's fireballs would work, Sasuke (kirin)'s fireball. Tobi is a great character for fighting deidara, his regular Y + B sends you over to the opponent, then you can start beating them up.

But I, would rather have a spamming deidara than another Taka Sasuke, Rock Lee, Minato, or Sage mode Naruto. All of them spam like hell with extremely powerful jutsu.

Just outsmart your opponent.

User Info: Traziel

7 years ago#8
I didn't bother to read any other posts but the first one, and I want to show my appreciation for this topic by bumping it. Finally someone else realizes that there's a such thing as "ranged" characters.

Most games have "archers". People who don't fight up close, because they can't. But afar? They will unleash rains of damage on you. The counter? Fast character, move in close, punish.

User Info: SetRIppa

7 years ago#9
I have no problem with the Puppet Masters. IMO, it takes skill to utilize them effectively. I just can't get over my hatred for Deidara. Takes NO skill whatsoever to own with him.

And I don't blame folks for saying, "that's how he was meant to be played" either. Honestly, THEY ARE RIGHT, just look at his moveset; he only has one combo string, they rest are all projectile. I blame CC2 for creating his spamtastic moveset.

User Info: xxGoDxoFxWaRxx

7 years ago#10
Wow come on guys his ranged combos are easy to avoid and he has a lousy awakening. =/
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