Kakashi vs Sasuke

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User Info: finalrush7

7 years ago#11
hey tlg, it's been a while >_<

From: thelastgogeta
Getting healed twice to beat one guy...

Didn't have Susano'o back then. Major difference if you ask me.
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User Info: Koppee

7 years ago#12
I am almost sure that this fight is actually going to happen and Sasuke will end up killing Kakashi causing Naruto to go insane and finally decide not to save him anymore.

I'm totally putting all my faith into this lol, something tells me its going to happen someday.

User Info: ssj3uub

7 years ago#13
well according to the latest official stats and kishi kakashi is stronger. sasuke is getting all thefights now so he's getting more opportunity to show new jutsu. we dont know what upgrades kakashi has yet. but most of sasukes jutsu kakshi already has a answer for.
chidori chakra blade= raikiri hound
fireball jutsu=fireball jutsu or water wall
tsukuyomi= no actual jutsu but MS can see through it
amaterasu= MS portal
it would come down to susanno. also kakashi could use alota water/lightining combinations

User Info: superbaboonmanX

7 years ago#14
i hate what's happening in naruto why are all the adults falling behind. They have years of experience over children like naruto and sasuke but still they starting to become useless kakashi, asuma, etc were so badass first season what's happening these days.
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User Info: lordricks

7 years ago#15
Kakashi all the Way!!!

Only thing I can say is that is Ninjustu alone would pawn Sasuke all the way!!!
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User Info: Ryu_Hayabusa735

7 years ago#16
I lost faith in sasuke after his fight with KB

User Info: Ducez_II

7 years ago#17

Mmm...it'd be close. Sasuke's looking pretty strong these days and we know he's atleast jounin lvl, kage lvl is still in question. Kakashi is the top runner up for Hokage and we know he's hella strong and smart...

Back when Shippuden first started Kakashi and Sasuke were about even, but now that Sasuke has Susanoo that just changes everything. Unless Kakashi can get past that he doesn't stand a chance.But Ithink Kakashi would win, if anyone could figure out how to get pass Susanoo it would probably be Kakashi.

User Info: AceUchiha_

7 years ago#18
Hello rush... >_?

"Sasuke's pretty much topping everyone at the moment."

Sasuke has only encountered losses since his "victory" over Itachi...
Getting healed twice to beat one guy...
Only managing to hold back the opposition (yeah I know they were all Jonins and Kages)
Arrogantly going in one vs one (or whatever number happens).
Being stated to be weaker than Naruto (and I approve :P)

Kakashi would probably lose to Sasuke yeah. :/

And how many times was naruto saved by the 9 tailed chakra's in his fight vs pain? Twice? Really now...
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User Info: hokage0307

7 years ago#19
possible spoilers

i dont think you guys realize that the reason sauke isnt dead yet is bcz of other characters. naruto saved him from haku, gaara, and oro wen he was testing sasuke in the exams ( not that oro was trying to kill him). not that itachi was trying to kill sasuke but jaraiya came to the rescue wen sasuke stupidly attacked sasuke thinking he could win. How many times has he had to rely on that curse seal oro gave him? karin and juugo and suigetsu savd him in the fight against KB. madara saved him in a fight by warping/teleporting him out.itachi gave him ametarasu and susanoo. Tha most recent is karin saved him in the latest manga. My point is without other people rescuing him, he would have been dead. Yes he is strong but only bcz of othrs mainly. By now he should b dead in my book. i blv kakashi would win. it has been said kakashi is kage level. yes he was killed by pein but who everyone was almost. jairaya has so much experience and knowledg about the rinnegan so he was a great matchup for pein. kakashi all the way
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User Info: YukimuraCrimson

7 years ago#20
Shikamaru would kill Pain soo easy if he knew the secrets and not Naruto
Shikamaru==> all of naruto if he got intel about you just like how raikage and naruto had over sasuke and pain
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