naruto should pick hinata ova sakura

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User Info: nightshadow275

7 years ago#41
like some here said before at least hinata tried to protect naruto from pein and faced him, thats alot imo naruto should go with her.
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User Info: B4mm3r

7 years ago#42
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User Info: Mister Twit

Mister Twit
7 years ago#43
Naruto should pick his nose over hinata

User Info: DiogoShadowJorg

7 years ago#44

This is a Shonen Manga,the best Kishimoto could do about the romance part is to imply that Naruto ended up with someone,but not tell straight who is it.

I would Rather if Naruto ended up with Sakura,she's just like Naruto's mother personality wise,and besides,Sakura also loves Naruto,however,she doesn't yet realize her feelings towards Naruto,in fact I think if Yamato had told Sakura that she loves Naruto instead of being interrupted midway,I bet Sakura would be like ''What are you talking about? We're just friends that's all,there's nothing wrong with wanting to help Naruto.right?'' something along those lines,Sakura is the kind of girl that doesn't understand herself,otherwise,she would have done a better job with the confession thowards Naruto,besides,she at tha time,what she really wanted was to Naruto to stop pursuing Sasuke,because she doesn't want Naruto suffer because of it.

So,yeah,Sakura loves him,but she doesn't realize it yet.

User Info: hat_red

7 years ago#45
Imagine the offspring of Naruto and Hinata. Baby Naruto with Byakugan would be very gifted genetically, although it may suffer from personality issues.
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User Info: zuzu304

7 years ago#46
^ yo that would make a really good ninja. A sharingan however is still better though.

User Info: SightlessOkami

7 years ago#47
naruto, and hinata kid would be like a teen gohan. the uzamaki clan is special thru there bloodline, then throw bakugan in the mix instant top rank ninja. there's nothing special about sakura,but her pink hair lol. anyway y would he want a girl so hung up on another dude?. cause we all know if sauke returns to the leaf what gonna happen.
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User Info: Heyjose25points

7 years ago#48
Definitely Hinata.

In my opinion, Sakura is one of the worst female leads in all of manga. Even Orohime, who just cries "kurosaki-kun!" is much more likeable.

Not only did Hinata like Naruto while he was a nobody, she was the last person who saw Naruto leave the village. She also was willing to sacrifice herself to protect him and confessed his love to her.

Sakura is shallow and a brat. She is pathetic in my opinion. So glad Naruto called her out on her lying and add to the fact that her being violent just is annoying. While, Tsunade and other females who do it...its much more funny.

I don't think it matters that Sakura looks like Kushina, I still believe Naruto will wind up with Hinata. Plus don't forget, Hinata is overall better looking than Sakura(Most developed) and i think is rated higher in the character popularity polls. I do think Sakura was cool atleast during the Sasori fight.

Tsunade was similar but even young Tsunade i can stand more than Sakura. Heck, I find Ino a better character. She also got owned by Karui

User Info: DiogoShadowJorg

7 years ago#49

Sakura loves Naruto,and her crush with Sasuke is going to end someday.Besides,Sasuke will probably just ignore her,like he always do.In the end Sakura will give up on Sasuke.

User Info: Cenceless_777

7 years ago#50
Going in this thread I can't help but feel like I'm listening to Twilight fans only the topic is about better chara... everything.

Oh and Naruto should choose Hinata
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