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User Info: SutebenuSanV2

6 years ago#1
So I stopped in at a local Gamestop today to see if they happened to be selling the game early (they weren't, and I was pretty sure they wouldn't). Anyways, when I asked, they said it comes out next week, but I could still place a preorder on it, and if I did, I'd get some kind of hat... Not much of a bonus, but it's the first I'd heard about this, and thought I might as well share the news.

And for the record, I didn't do the preorder. The hat sounds stupid to me.
Logic? On the internet? How utterly absurd

User Info: RubyRedSonic

6 years ago#2
Did they show you what the hat looked like?
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User Info: SutebenuSanV2

6 years ago#3
No, so in some way, I think they may have been ****ing with me.
Logic? On the internet? How utterly absurd

User Info: Deezul

6 years ago#4
I was told the same thing awhile back when i was into gamestop to preorder. They showed me this poster thing that had a picture of that hat on it but I didn't get a close look at the whole thing. From what i understand now that poster was actually for the new wii Naruto: The Dragon Blade Chronicles game.

Gamespot posted a trailer today and at the end (around 1:05 or so) they show the preorder hat among other things.

Apparently NSUNS2 doesn't have any bonus stuff.

User Info: Dexmeister

6 years ago#5
Ugh....the dragon blade chronicles.....filler game. Not my cup of tea. That game came out last year. In fact that special suit Naruto wears is designed by a fan during a contest. Rather just get the GNT EX special that comes out this december since Raikage, Minato and others are there.

User Info: Ichipoo

6 years ago#6
^ I would've actually played Ryujinki if it played more stylish like Devil May Cry.
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User Info: wavedonn

6 years ago#7

hahahaha. it'd be nice if we got some dlc or atleast an akatsuki know what i want? i want that sage of 6paths chain that itachi wears.

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