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User Info: Eldiar

6 years ago#1

Anyone got an idea where I can find the karenbana flower for the Temari side-quest?

I heard it's around the Northren Hideout but didn't see anything unusual over there.

Please help! xD

User Info: PrinceVege101

6 years ago#2
One screen below the Northern Hideout.
El Dorko was here.

User Info: 7maar

6 years ago#3
Yup it is there. When you go near the entrance to the northern hideout a cutscene will appear and you'll get it. BTW you have to talk to the guy in the sand village first and he'll tell you that it's in a red cliff or something like that.

User Info: Eldiar

6 years ago#4

Ah..So that's why I didn't get the cut-scene...forgot to talk to the dude at the Sand Village.

Well thanks for the help.

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