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User Info: Capri4life

7 years ago#1
Ok so I'm new to this game, I have a friend that has consistently beat me with Neji for the last couple days. He grabs alot and I cant seem to counter act that, I think I was caught in a grab about 9 times a match. So my question would be if you were playing someone like that which characters would you use and what kinda of straegy would you use during the fight. Oh and I think I would like to stay away from using SM Naruto, Dedarai, and Itachi, just so that when I finally do win he can attribute it to that, im open to all other characters thou.

User Info: tylerx27

7 years ago#2
Long Range > Neji.

The best way to avoid his grab is to get better at KnJ'ing really, that's the only advice I can give. Also when you do KnJ, keep your fingers over the block button because 90% of the time, they'll try to launch a Kaiten. Punish them with a jutsu/ougi when it's ended though
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User Info: Capri4life

7 years ago#3
Ok , problem thou, I spend alot of time on this board spectating and I never understand alot of the terms used here, could you explain what KnJ and Ouigi are? I think the only term I knew what Jutsu lol.

User Info: Creizaz

7 years ago#4

The answer lies within...
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User Info: Ichipoo

7 years ago#5
If you can get Neji to completely miss his Kaiten/Rotation jutsu or KnJ during the early parts of it, depending on your character's ougi and how well you time it, you can punish him with it.
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User Info: Capri4life

7 years ago#6
Thanks. I think I might go with Shikamaru, I notied that after Neji does his Jutsu I can do my Ougi immediately after and it will catch him. Problem is thou that Jutsu does a number on my shields, so its not really something that I could consistently punish with. What characters would you guys consider "Rang" characters other then the obvious puppet masters, I am horrible with the puppet users.

User Info: keaneplay

7 years ago#7
If you are looking for pure all out range characters then Temari and Tenten work. Dedeira is the most popular range character that I've come across though.
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User Info: beatoy

7 years ago#8
Hahaha I use Neji and the things you people are telling him to do to counter Neji doesn't really work on me. But of course if the person using neji is a moderately good player than Deidara or long range might work but it has never worked on me. And I'm a Kajin. Wanna practice though? Add my psn o1i73r

User Info: xxGoDxoFxWaRxx

7 years ago#9
^ Are you trying to argue that your not completely vulnerable if you miss or they sub your jutsu? lol

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