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User Info: SymphonicRain

6 years ago#1
If you could have a Naruto game (up to date roster) with the engine from any other videogame, which game would it be?

One of the obvious engines might be that of the recent GTAs/Red Dead, but then I think in the long run that would probably be boring, as most of the missions would be comprised of 'go here, beat this guy up, go back there and report to that guy' and the freedom wouldn't matter that much when the only thing to do there is beat up NPCs with ragdoll physics.

For me I think it's a tie between Dynasty Warriors and Valkyria Chronicles. The VC version would need some tweaks as it is centered around gun battles, and a lot of Naruto techs require close range. I would like to see some actual strategy involved while not being as uneventful as a turn based RPG, as much as I like games like SD Gundam, it wouldn't really suit Naruto without getting really old, really fast.

Many people consider the DW series as old, but I like them though I haven't played everyone. Mostly stick to the Gundam ones but I do intend to at least rent DW7, speaking of which I might call Blockbuster today and see if it's worth the journey down there.

A Naruto with DW engine could be decent, if it actually felt like DW and not just like those chronicles games, they were lousy in my opinion. I'm just curious how something outside of a fighter/sidescroller would fare.

Feel free to choose a fighter engine, I just didn't because I prefe to play games offline and fighters get old faster than other types of games, even though they used to be my favorite genre. Suppose that's because no one was as good as my brother.
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User Info: Ichipoo

6 years ago#2
Symph, if I may venture off topic for a bit and say that you should definitely BUY Dynasty Warriors 7. The story is much more accurate and better and not to mention that the gameplay is better than 6 IMO despite them reverting back to their roots with the good old Charge-based gameplay.

Anyway I think a DW styled Naruto game would do well if they're able to pull it off but if you ask me, I would've loved it if Koei handled a DW styled Naruto game like how they were able to make a Hokuto no Ken game which wasn't bad as well.

When I think of how well a Naruto game could be with other fighting game engines, I would really like it if the Storm series was designed more like this DBZ game


Blows the trash that is the new DBZ games out the water if you ask me.

However, I'd like to see Naruto fighting game like Tatsunoko vs. Capcom or Fate/Unlimited Codes as well.
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User Info: SymphonicRain

6 years ago#3
Hey, Super DBZ, I have that game. What an underappreciated gem that was. Everyone was too caught up with Budokai/Tenkaichi series and they thought that sucked but it had such an awesome retro feel to it.
Anyone who has paid close attention to how the world is going will know that, environmentally, you should reuse your plastic bags to suffocate your children.

User Info: Crazyino485

6 years ago#4
a naruto game on the bleach soul ignition engine lol

User Info: bloodhound90

6 years ago#5
I wouldn't mind a naruto game that used a tales of or star ocean engine. I also think a naruto game with the Valkyria Chronicles engine could be great as well. I guess their jutsus could all have certain ranges just like the different weapons used in VC. An example could be how Neji's kaiten would have a range equivalent to that of a fencer in VC2.
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User Info: Jaded_Memory

6 years ago#6
Prototype. Infamous. Something with good sandbox gameplay, and with some large-scale combat and destruction options.
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User Info: Ikasnu

6 years ago#7
Arkham Asylum
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User Info: tylerx27

6 years ago#8
A Naruto game with a Tales of Engine (Either Vesperia, Destiny DC, Graces f or Rebirth) would be awesome on so many levels.
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User Info: 4Xeo

6 years ago#9
I think a Naruto game with a Dissidia game engine would be pretty epic.
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User Info: ninjamaster4

6 years ago#10
Alright I'm going to suggest something radical now. A FPS naruto game based on the Mirrors Edge engine (tweaked for jutsu's, fighting, etc).

I mean could you imagine fighting Danzo in FPS mode.

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