Characters and their jutsu

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User Info: yoshibirdofan

7 years ago#1
I'm not including the characters from the previous game

Ino: Medical Ninjutsu, Mind Destruction. Flower Paralysis
Choji:Expansion Jutsu: Two Fist Expansion (dont know name), Human Boulder
Kiba: Tunneling Fang, Fang over Fang, Taijutsu Attack
Shino: Bug Sphere Jutsu, Parasitic Insects technique
Hinata: Gentle Fist, 64 Palms Guard, 32 Palms
Yamato: Wood Style, Another Wood Style, YET another wood style
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User Info: jmcdonaldxman

7 years ago#2
Hidan- Jashin stuff
Kakuzu- 4 hearts
Pein- 6 paths strike
Konan- paper related
Suigetsu- Water Style
Juugo- CS2 Barrage
Karin- Don't Know

User Info: bluetooth718

7 years ago#3
Naruto - wind shuriken rasengan, or whatever it's called; Shadow clone
Sasuke - Kirin, chidori, chidori senbon, nagashi and that chidori-based attack where he has electric sword
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User Info: anbu-black-ops

7 years ago#4
Sasuke - Susanoo spamming.

User Info: mad_mark

7 years ago#5
--- blah blah blah it doesn't mater ---

User Info: Puyo_Chan

7 years ago#6
lol @ susano spamming! so what episode does he use it in?=] huh genius...
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  3. Characters and their jutsu

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