importing a dead Warden?

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User Info: sparkymafia

7 years ago#1
Could you do this? I hope they add this as i would like my choices to stick but make a new warden. they say you can import your warden but what if they died at the end?

User Info: ISpeakTheTruth

7 years ago#2

I think if your Warden died in the finale than you'll have to make a new one for the game.

User Info: Ubersuntzu

7 years ago#3
You had the option to make a baby Old God and you turned it down? You deserve to lose your Warden. V_V
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User Info: Gamesmasterx

7 years ago#4
From what I know, if you reload your winning auto-save, you can play as the Warden shortly before the Denerim invasion, though you may only play DLC like that.

User Info: rournix

7 years ago#5
You can play as a new warden from Orlais if your warden died, although there is no new origion story apparently. You can even play as this character if you did not die in the endgame.

User Info: tinaarmstrong

7 years ago#6
The good news: You can import your dead warden.

The bad news: It'll spit in the face of the story.

"2.3 – If my PC died at the end of Dragon Age: Origins how are they alive in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening? (Back to top)

If a player wants to, they can import their "Dead Warden" into Awakening and play as them. For the story it's assumed that they didn't make the ultimate sacrifice, instead somehow survived. A player would start as the same level with the same gear as their "Dead Warden". Essentially, if a player doesn't have a problem hand-waiving the story in this regard - neither do we."

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User Info: Fraust

7 years ago#7
I'm more interested if you can import a dead wardens story but still play as the new warden.

User Info: satirewire

7 years ago#8

I, for one, think importing a dead warden is stupid. If you sacrifice yourself, then your warden should stay dead. This game is supposed to be all about story and the characters, then why mess up the story with this? The whole point behind the wardens is that they alone can end a blight, isn't that too big of a story point to totally disregard by importing a DEAD warden? I don't see why BioWare would even have this be an option. This seems like a last minute add that is out of place and isn't needed. I was under the impression that the new warden was created for those who had sacrificed their previous warden and weren't willing to play through the game a second time. Why have the option to import a dead warden when it is not needed and contradicts a huge plot element?

I've played this game through with 6 different wardens, so I've got pleanty to choose from when I pick up this expansion. I can't help but think though, if you don't like the game enough to invest the time to have more than one warden at the end of the story (or have more than one save file), then why even care about the expansion? Why would it even matter enough to want to import the dead warden instead of going the route of the new warden? The new warden fits with the story, the dead warden goes against the story.

User Info: Swashbucker

7 years ago#9
Its totally your decision to retcon their demise or not, you still have the option to go with a new Orlais warden. Bioware stated its for those players who don't mind trifling with the story.
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User Info: CronoDyne

7 years ago#10
A topic with an extreme spoiler lasting for nearly a month. Wow.
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