Kal'Hirol Runestones

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User Info: Rhovann077

7 years ago#1
How on earth do you do this puzzle? Everytime I step on the correct symbol with the picture on the back it changes.

User Info: ElRealBastardo

7 years ago#2
You have to get all the pictures on the floor to correspond with the pictures on the stones.

User Info: Rhovann077

7 years ago#3
but how do you do that?

User Info: Ruler_of_this

7 years ago#4
Bumo I need to know this to.

User Info: FallenOasis

7 years ago#5
Theres a symbol on the rune(stone) and a symbol on the step(floor). The one on the step is the symbol you have to hit before the current rune. example...

Rune A, has a Step A (its the first rune)
Rune B, has a step A
Rune C, Has a step B

and so on.
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User Info: GillianSeed23

7 years ago#6
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