Amaranthine or Vigil's Keep? (spoilers)

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User Info: XioJenesis

7 years ago#1
Alright, so what happens to Vigil's Keep if I save Amaranthine? The first time I chose, I destroyed the city. But NOD came up and so I reset that choice and tried saving Amaranthine. But now I can't go to Vigil's Keep. Is it gone? Did I kill my other companions?
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User Info: Slash_out

7 years ago#2
If you save amarantine, what happens to vigil keepwill depend on how you upgraded it.
FYI I did every single update possible, but I scattered my soldiers a lot (protected farms, city, trades routes, mines, etc).
And the keep stood for weeks before falling to the darkspawn and nearly every one was killed after a mighty fight with each soldiers killing dozens of darkspawns (besides your party left there at one exception I think).
It took 5 years to restore the keep to it's best 'thanks to the dwarven help) and 1 year for Amarantine.

User Info: sargothus

7 years ago#3
Hmm I also choose to save the city and only justice "died", everyone else survived but pretty much left the wardens to go their own way. I also got the ending where it took a year to rebuild the city and five for the keep.

User Info: Delixe

7 years ago#4
Characters in the Vigil's Keep surviving depend on finishing their personal quests and having their approval has high as possible. In my last play through everyone survived. I had everyone above 95 Approval, all had decent armor and weapons and were level 34. All upgrades were done, the cellars were cleared and locked. The party I picked to go with me were Sigrun, Justice and Velanna.


Sigrun left never to return (I think this is unavoidable), Justice served with the Wardens until one day his body finally died and the spirit left, Velanna was annoyed at me for killing the Architect and losing her sister but stayed with the Wardens.

Anders left for the Magi, then returned and stayed with the Wardens. Nathanial stayed with the Wardens saved the life of a Cousland and restored his family honor. His nephew followed in his footsteps and became a Warden Commander. Oghren stayed in touch with his kid and Felsi and stayed with the Wardens.

User Info: Slash_out

7 years ago#5
For me Sigrhun was at the front of the attackwhen Vigil keep was under siege, she led the attack and this time did not flee. She did not disapear.
Justice died, no one knows if his spirit returned to the fade or died . His wife can finally get some peace and burry her husband (didn't finish his quest I think it was bugged for me, I couldn't find the house of the wife).
Velanna one day disapeared in the deep roads after saying that she saw her sister and never came back.
Same thing as you for Anders.
Nathaniel left the wardens for something else (forgot) he had a child that became a grey warden to follow in his dad's footstep, which became himself Warden Commander with time and restored his family honor.
Oghren stayed with the warden, his wife visited from time to time with her child, but the visit became less frequent since she was annoyed by Oghren's attitude: he was never serious. Until she finally stoped coming, no one knows if he misses them, but he never showed any hint of it. (Didn't finish his quest completly as well).

The MC had a sword crafted after some rare stuff, a dragon bone, dragon egg, grandmaster flame rune (I think it was that). The sword was bodly stollen by a group of thieves, after it became legendary, it was never seen again, but there are rumors that it keeps getting stronger and stronger.
The choice of the MC to save Amarantine was very well percieved, but when they learned what happened to vigil keep, they were respectul and regretful or something.
The city of Amarantine too 1 year to rebuilt, the Vigil keep 5 years, until the dwarven in charge of the wall said it was "acceptable" and left. It was the best thing he ever said to a human building.
The dwarven in charge of explosives left after he was target by qunari for assassination.
The Vigil's keep became famous for how long it lasted against the attacks and the ferocity and bravery of its soldiers.
The armor of silverite the soldier were wearing at the time of battle became a symbol, they created some kind of orders.
The people of your estate, were evry dependend on the grey warden after wards, for protection and all.
They started multiple rebellion that ended in bloodshed because they were granted what they wanted once by rebelling (the grain incident).
The MC left once there was nothing else for him to do in the warden, there are rumors of him having an incredible showdown with Zevhran but no one knows for sure.

That's mostly all I got or remenber :). The condition for all this are mostly in my previous post.

User Info: Pete_kun

7 years ago#6
If you complete Oghren-san's companion quest and inspire him to keep in touch with his little nugget, it'll say something along the lines in the epilogue of 'he frequently writes to his child, but only after the Commander generously proofreads it', hehehe.

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  3. Amaranthine or Vigil's Keep? (spoilers)

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