A shrine to korth

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User Info: lola155

7 years ago#1

there is this quest in the deep roads after you abolish the rubble in the dungeon called A shrine to korth
for those who have done it
by not puting the golden korth idol I get 15 soverigns, and by putting the golden idol i get a message " a hidden compartment is revealed" or something like that and the quest is complete
I cant understand what to chose considering i dont see the advantages of this compartment but perhaps i am missing something

please do enlighten me

User Info: Slash_out

7 years ago#2
In the compartiment you get a two handed axe, just re arrange your item by "newest" and the latest item you received will be at the top of the list :).

User Info: The_Sword_88

7 years ago#3
^^^nice tip, I never knew that and always wondered what items I was getting
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User Info: Slash_out

7 years ago#4
Yeah it's annoying they don't show what you get ^^.
There are some add ons that do that though, but I'm rather lazy so I didn't bother finding and installing them. Ironically this would make things easier for me in the end... but well :D.

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