Oghren's Rash?

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User Info: chibieddie

7 years ago#1
So I got to Ameranthine and was going up to the church when I noticed a board for market handbills. When I click it, Oghren brings up apothecaries and a rash he's had since the Joining. Nothing I've done has gotten me anything but negative approval from him and him saying he'll just use herbs on it. I didn't chose the 3rd initial choice since it seems like it would just end the conversation. Is there any point to this discussion aside from losing approval from Oghren?
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User Info: suchiuomizu

7 years ago#2
You can get a positive reaction, but I don't remember which choices it requires.

User Info: VoodooTiger

7 years ago#3
I got a small bonus from telling him something like "I want to make sure everyone is healthy" and "Tell yourself that if it makes you feel better." Something along those lines.
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User Info: Gamemako

7 years ago#4
Tell him it'll clear up.

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