Dragon age 2 import, really confused

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User Info: justac

6 years ago#1

Says on wikia that the saves are straight forward not 2 seperate for awakening and origins. Already beat game with no dlc, so for the imports to carry over can I just play the dlc. Or do I have to play the dlc, than see the effects (hence replay origins), than awakening. Than the import will be complete? Just wondering which order I should do meaning for golems of agmorak, witches hunt, lelinas song, and awkening for the import?

User Info: CptAsbjoern

6 years ago#2

Well, some of the DLC are placed in the main game, like the stone prisoner and other stuff, which you will need to replay the game for. Awakening however, continues where origins end, so you can just start it up with the same character. Lelianas song is standalone, and so is that darkspawn one (awakening can be played standalone too) I don't know about wich hunt, haven't got that one.

User Info: Ice Fire

Ice Fire
6 years ago#3
witch hunt and golems of amgarrak or whatever it is are the only DLC that will transfer into DA2.

The transfer process will also only accept 1 save.

This means you cant select 1 DAO save and 1 DAO:A save and transfer them both.

Basically it means if you want to transfer a complete storyline you have to do the following

1. Play through Dragon Age Origins and complete the game.
2. Import your completion save into Dragon Age Origins Awakening and complete the game.
3. Import your final save of DAO:A into Golemns of Amgarrak and complete the DLC
4. Import your final save from GoA into Witch Hunt and complete the DLC
5. Wait till Dragon Age 2 comes out and import the final save from Witch Hunt.

I think the order of the 2 DLC's are interchangable. And you dont need to import a complete save like that though, you can complete just the original game and import that or just play awakening and import that, etc.

If you dont import anything the game makes you choose from one of 3 different backgrounds to fill in the storyline from the past games for you.
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