I've waited for this game for years...

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User Info: KinG__K__RooL

7 years ago#1
Maybe now my dragon will obey me..

oh wait...


*flies into the twilight as my dragon tears turn into shooting stars inside the ozone layer which come crashing down killing hundreds of thousands and injuring millions more.*
I bet these guys think it's ok to play Pokemon in front of women

User Info: Fishy_Fishy

7 years ago#2
I am a Raven no more and no less - Jack-O

User Info: magnet119

7 years ago#3
your tears turn into rainbows? what kind of freak are you? all the cool dragons tears turn into jelly beans, jeez
PSN: magnet19

User Info: jikilamed

7 years ago#4
But then again the cool dragons don't cry.
Psn: Jikilamed

User Info: Teepo

7 years ago#5
they say this is a action game but it sounds like a simulator.
Teepo, the Dark Dragon of Destiny.

User Info: rcuorvo2000

7 years ago#6
Based on a upcoming movie. This game is going to be amazing!
PSN: watchhead11

User Info: The_DARK_FoX

7 years ago#7
What are you talking about? They don't turn into shooting stars, they turn into jelly beans! XD
PSN: ChaosxPaladin
TvC: 2450-6060-8972

User Info: magnet119

7 years ago#8
thank you The_DARK_FoX, atleast someone has seen flight of the conchords around here
PSN: magnet19

User Info: MoisesL

7 years ago#9
Open your eyes, look at all the Dark Matter, how can anything you do possibly matter?

User Info: fireemblem99

7 years ago#10
Crap there must be something wrong with me, I shed cupcake tears! Anybody wanna help a dragon out?
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  3. I've waited for this game for years...

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