A definite must buy for anyone curious

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User Info: sykotek

7 years ago#1
I just completed the entire game, all story levels and score attack levels at 100%, all scrapbook and awards unlocked. As far as I know, there's nothing left for me to do, but I found this to be the best PSP mini released, possibly one of the best games I've ever played. It is a definite must purchase for anyone wondering.

The only thing I'm curious about is how to score higher, if possible. If you got any tips, I'd greatly appreciate it. My scores below.

Ah, My Magnificent Castle!
Story - 2,458
SA1 - 2,344
SA2 - 7,368
SA3 - 11,754

Some Gaudy Caves
Story - 2,958
SA1 - 3,690
SA2 - 7,564
SA3 - 10,464

I Claim this Waterfall!
Story - 5,532
SA1 - 4,009
SA2 - 12,704
SA3 - 14,379

A Big Stupid Tree
Story - 5,298
SA1 - 10,866
SA2 - 13,965
SA3 - 23,930

WHAT?! A Temple?
Story - 6,939
SA1 - 10,954
SA2 - 9,279
SA3 - 21,372

Darkly Dreaming Duke!
Story - 14,769
SA1 - 22,695
SA2 - 26,107
SA3 - 25,054

User Info: sykotek

7 years ago#2
I found out the answer to my question about the scoring system and I'm posting some more information for anyone interested regarding the scoring system. I contacted Mediatonic and they stated,

"The only real way to increase them any further is to hit the monster a bit later in the level, the higher your combo when you hit the monster (including the first and second hit) the more points you will bank. In some of the longer levels (such as Darkly Dreaming Duke) it's possible to leave the monster a bit later before tagging him. On the shorter levels it's generally not possible to increase the score any further if you're already at 100%."

User Info: kuzdydavid

7 years ago#3
i reccomend that hit almost every platform, hit monster asap twice and the leave him and at the top of the stage hit him for the last time(with a big combo cuz this will increase your score more)(probably)
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  2. Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess
  3. A definite must buy for anyone curious

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