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User Info: Megalomania

7 years ago#1
So what unlocks the items in the scrapbook? I only just started playing the game so I haven't touched Score Attack much but I only have three pieces. I have a bio on two bosses and I got gold on both their stages, so I'm assuming you get a bio for each boss you beat with a gold medal, but how about the others? Are there for unlocking the trophies or do you unlock them through Score Attack?

User Info: kuzdydavid

7 years ago#2
you have to get gold on all story lvls(including the secret one) and these pieces are just for show so they have nothing to do with trophies(probably)

User Info: Zeppster497

7 years ago#3
Well, they kinda have something to do with the trophies, as you need all the Golds to unlock all the trophies anyway :P
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