How to deal with pulse tanks

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User Info: silentghoust

5 years ago#11
I believe I have about 12 tally marks on my AC from player vs player pile driver kills....I believe 8 of them are fatty little tanks :).

User Info: Kyocus

5 years ago#12
I'm shocked that no one has mentioned sniping tanks... It's the easiest win as far as I see. It's also the least risky.

Jephro the full base jammer setup could help, but you gotta remember that your guys get stuck in them too. I tried it and we got messed up. Ill cya in Alpine some time =P

User Info: J3phr0

5 years ago#13
yea im working on that right as I type this lol. But its the only way as far as I see it. The sniping is good but once they rush up on ya its useless. maybe snipes and shotties
GT: J3phr0
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