Super Overkill..?

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User Info: Big_Angry_Nerd

7 years ago#1
The hells that? Got overkills in my record, but not a single Super Overkill.
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User Info: Apollo278

7 years ago#2
triple 6s

User Info: Big_Angry_Nerd

7 years ago#3
Mm. Figured as much as of late. 3 down. 7 more to go.
There Will Be Nerds | | A Nerd Humor Blog with Webcomics, and Game & Movie Reviews. Check it out!

User Info: brendanisdead

7 years ago#4
useful info bump
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User Info: colinjungle

7 years ago#5
121 overkills and 5 super overkills.... I guess they're pretty rare... I need 5 more for my last achievement and i've allready played this game allot.

User Info: vayaconmiamigo

7 years ago#6

I boosted for this and found out you get one superoverkill for about 100 battles or so. What I did was play a match with a buddy on a 2 player map with the rocket. the person you want to win gets the rocket. Then split up the territories evenly so you both get approximaytley the same amount of men each turn. Then place all your men next to each other. Once you get one hundred on each, just let the computer automatically do the fighting. Usually I get a superoverkill once the other guy has 20 guys left.

User Info: Zelkyplant

7 years ago#7
1 in 216.
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User Info: minesbit

7 years ago#8
hey zelkyplant, if gamefaqs had a personal message system, i would have used it, but since it doesn't, i'm writing it here. in regard to your quote attributed to obama: he never actually said what you are quoting him as saying. rev wright did in a sermon and he was quoting another guy. obama summarized that sermon in one of his books, which is why fox news got a hold of it. the sermon was in his book because he found it to be inspiring, specifically a message about how the first world doesn't care about the third world, not blaming white people for the world's problems (though let's face it, a great deal of the third world, especially africa, has been exploited by europe and america over the past 5 centuries or so.)

anyway, my point is, it doesn't help anyone, left or right, to falsely attribute inflammatory statements without any context. sorry to those who came here for risk related stuff, i really wish there was a private message system with gamefaqs.

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User Info: kingbongbundy

7 years ago#9

you can still get superoverkill when doing quick attacks . thats how i got my acheivement. it saves alot of time

User Info: Gibbs0o0

7 years ago#10
What I did to help improve odds a bit was play a 4 player game on down range. Set territories to manual and first take over the 3 barracks near the missile. For the first part of the game control the 3 continents around the missile by attacking with bonus die from the missile. then figure out the goal for the attack die and get that as soon as possible. for the rest of the game just attack like crazy with 4 die.
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