Team Update -- Silllllyyyy Rankings

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User Info: zoopxx

7 years ago#1
Okay....we all know that a person in England is responsible for the team updates. How ridiculous is this?

*There is no Thomas Muller (Germany).....basically the top young player in the tournament. He's scored 4 goals, and he is now suspended for the semifinal vs Spain

*Germany is rated at 79 overall, yet FRANCE is rated at 81 overall. Yes, France....which lost to South Africa and Mexico.

*England is STILL rated at 83 overall. Okay, we will give Rooney a pass at 88 overall. But how can MR. ENGLISHMAN justify upping Gerrard's overall to 88, when he didn't lower anybody else's!!!
Terry and Upson are like 86 overall or something like that!!!

*SUAREZ AND are they at 80 and 82 overall. They are basically saying Suarez is just a touch better than England's Heskey. HAHAHA Oh yeah, and Uruguay is the lowest rated team in Group A besides maybe South Africa of course.

User Info: soulftl

7 years ago#2
Maybe Mr. Englishman got drunk after Germany destroyed England. Now he's a bitter man who refuses reality.
Lineman Nate Newton: "Remember this—there's the Cowboys, and then there's the rest."

User Info: zoopxx

7 years ago#3
Hahahahaha. Possibly true.

By the way, Thomas Muller was just added to the game via team update.

He has 4 goals and 3 assists in the 2010 FWorldCup. His overall rating, though,.............75!!!!!!

John Terry, who was the English defender carved to pieces......overall rating at.......87!!!


User Info: Patrick_Kenzie

7 years ago#4
When i played with the USA they felt a little faster, so this explains why haha.
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