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User Info: Poobert_Wilson

7 years ago#1
Ys I & II? Again??? Do want.
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User Info: Vcictor

7 years ago#2
Second i guess XD

no idea why the "SEVEN" on the name has to do with anything ...

but yeah it looks like a re-release of Y's I and II
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User Info: a000a

7 years ago#3
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Release Data
Ys I & II Seven Set Falcom NW10107720 03/18/10 JP

Compilation Of
Ys I & II Chronicles PSP
Ys Seven PSP

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User Info: Vcictor

7 years ago#4
so it contains Y's I , II and 7 hmm
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User Info: KnightofAncient

7 years ago#5
This a box package of Ys I &II Chronicles and Ys seven.

They were both released separately last year.
Ys I &II Chronicles being a remake of Ys I & II
Ys Seven being the latest installment to the Ys series

They are 2 different games getting released in 1 package. To think of it, this is a good marketing idea from Falcom.

User Info: TranslatorTom

7 years ago#6
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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